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ATLANTA, GA. - March 17, 2014 - MASSIE Law Firm, P.C., today announced that is has spun off its 10 year old R&D tax credit practice to a new company named MASSIE R&D Tax Credits, LLC.   The new company will focus entirely on providing federal and state R&D tax credit services to taxpayers based in Georgia and surrounding states.  MASSIE R&D Tax Credits will be led by former ADP executive Peter Green.  Mr. Green was President of the highly successful WALLACE - The Training Tax Credit Company, before it was acquired by ADP in 2011.   According to Jason Massie, Founder and President of MASSIE R&D Tax Credits, "Peter Green has an outstanding reputation in the world of tax credits and incentives.   His experience with WALLACE helped to put that firm on the map, and at ADP Tax Credit Services he has further expanded their tax credit and incentives offerings.   I'm confident Peter will help take MASSIE R&D Tax Credits to the next level and we are excited to have an executive with his experience on board and leading our team." 

MASSIE Law Firm will continue to serve clients in a number of tax planning and controversy areas.  The law firm is also a strategic partner with MASSIE R&D Tax Credits in that its lawyers will represent R&D tax credit clients in examination situations as those arise.   "We have found that over 90% of our clients are not examined by the IRS, but to the extent they do fall into the exception to the rule, we are pleased attorneys from MASSIE Law Firm will be there to take over.  They will be able to provide our clients with the attorney-client privilege which is somewhat unique in our industry, and their services will be included as part of our credit studies," stated CEO Green.  

"MASSIE R&D Tax Credits is the only company in Georgia and one of a select few around the county dedicated to assisting clients in evaluating, documenting, claiming and defending federal and state R&D tax credits," says Massie.   "We only do one thing, but we typically get our clients more money, we save them valuable time, and it is done right.   I'm excited to be on board and can't wait to get started," exclaimed Green.  Both companies are based in the Atlanta area.

About MASSIE R&D Tax Credits, LLC

MASSIE R&D Tax Credits is a leading provider of federal and state R&D tax credit services.   The Company focuses only on the R&D tax credit and uses best practices to ensure projects are of the highest quality.  The federal R&D tax credit was passed by Congress as an incentive to keep R&D in the US, and to promote high paying technical jobs.  The majority of states now also offer similar credits to encourage innovation and development and to entice high tech businesses to settle in their state.  MASSIE R&D Tax Credits is based in Atlanta, GA, and Georgia has one of the most robust R&D tax credits in the country.  Currently taxpayers in Georgia can either use the credit to offset income taxes or apply against payroll taxes.   To learn more about whether your company qualifies, please contact Peter Green at 770-401-9234 or visit the Company's website at 

About MASSIE Law Firm, P.C.

Massie Law Firm is a boutique tax law practice that advises clients in areas of federal and state tax planning and controversy.  With over 25 years of experience, Jason Massie has led both Big 4 accounting firms and national law firms in these areas.   Recent matters include R&D consultation and controversy, voluntary disclosures for payroll and income tax issues, consultations regarding trust fund penalties, negotiating incentives for new development, legal opinions on tax matters, ruling requests on tax issues in Washington, D.C., expert counsel for tax litigation matters, FIN 48 advice and opinions, drafting of simple wills and trusts, probate advice, and cost segregation for construction projects.  To contact Jason Massie, please call 404-519-1232 or visit the Company's web site at