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When you look up the word "professional" in Webster's you will find Jason's picture.  He is the consummate professional who delivers his analyses and tax opinions in a very concise and understandable manner.  Another section of Webster's that you will find Jason is the word "dependable".  Jason is always there to assist on a project on a minutes' notice.  When he says that the opinion or study will be done by a certain date you can be sure that it will happen.  Jason also has a natural talent in dealing with tax auditors.  We had some very difficult issues to present to IRS agents as well as the IRS National Office.  Jason was able to present our position in a professional manner and with terrific knowledge of the subject matter was able to get us excellent results.   To top off Jason's accomplishments, he is a great guy to boot.  He always walks into a room with a big smile and reassures his clients that things will work out for the best. 

Rick Wise, Former Executive Director of Tax - Gaylord Entertainment, Nashville, TN


I have known Jason for years and he is great at what he does.  My current company does not have the traditional R&D type activity.  We only have internally developed software which is the hardest area to document and get qualified for and approved by the IRS.  Jason was able to come in, interview people in various departments, obtain the cost information, create the documents and put a presentation binder together to support for the deduction that was easy to follow and understand.  When we got audited I was able to just hand the documents over to the IRS with very little commentary.  The entire credit amount was accepted. Great job!!!

Robert Howren, Director of Tax, BlueLinx Corporation, Atlanta, GA


Geosyntec is an engineering and environmental consulting firm that prides itself on providing innovative, high value solutions for our clients.  As such, we believe a number of our activities qualify for R&D credits, and Jason has been instrumental in documenting this for us.

We previously worked with another consulting firm on our credits but switched to Jason in 2005 and have worked with him ever since.  I have found him very knowledgeable with regard to the credits and helpful in assisting us to maximize the potential benefits.  This of course has been welcomed by our corporate staff.  However, the attribute that sets Jason apart is that he works exceptionally well with our operations personnel.  He has consistently been mindful of minimizing the demand on their time in quantifying and appropriately supporting our credits which is appreciated by all.

Jon Dickinson, P.E., Chief Financial Officer, Geosyntec Consultants, Boca Raton, FLA


As a small company, there has been a significant amount of research done to attain the advanced technology in computer self-learning algroithms.  Getting the R&D tax credits in the early stages of the company has been a significant benefit in continuing the work.  No research, no competitive edge.  No money, no research.  Thanks Jason!

Frank Koperda, CEO, NextGen Technologies,


I have known Jason for over 10 years and worked with him on several mutual clients. Jason is reliable and responsive, bringing practical solutions to his clients.  With Jason's level of experience, you get access to a national-level advisor within your local market. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my clients that are seeking advice in his area of expertise.

Mark Schuette, Transfer Pricing Managing Director, Duff & Phelps LLC


The primary purpose of this letter is to recommend Jason Massie as a bright, honest and hardworking man of integrity.   I have known Jason and his family for many years. I have found Jason to be a man of refreshingly honest integrity and impeccable character.  When looking for a business partner, employee or friend you typically ask yourself three questions about them.  Are they someone I can trust?  Are they committed to excellence? Do they care for and about others?   For Jason Massie I can say a resounding "Yes," for each of these metrics. He is not only someone I can trust but someone I have trusted in many matters including the care and instruction of my children. I believe he is also bright and tenacious and will rise to meet whatever challenge awaits him. Most importantly, I believe he has the proper perspective on priorities and what is truly important. He genuinely cares about people and doing what is right. He cares about his family, co-workers, business colleagues, neighbors and the community around him.  I believe Jason will continue to triumph in whatever endeavor he pursues. His character and attitude exemplify the right building blocks to engender success.

Perry Pickerign. President & CEO, OutPost Sentinel, LLC.


Jason is a top-notch resource that I can count on and trust for the past 15 years.  I am honored to know Jason for he has been a coach and mentor in my career.  

Eric Norman, Director Global Technology, InterContinential Hotels Group


I have known Jason Massie for nearly a decade.  I've interacted with him on a personal level and once on a professional basis when I needed a referral.  Jason is a role model for many.  He loves his family and shows it.  He has or still does volunteer a great deal of time with Lutheran Services of Georgia and he serves as a fellow Elder of our Church.  He is a rare individual who has a great mix of professional and personal accomplishments and a desire give back.  

Lynn Thomsen, State Farm Executive


My wife and I know Jason through our Church membership.  We feel that he has exhibited himself to be a man of God, who shows compassion for his fellow man both inside and outside the church community through his church position and outside volunteer work. We are proud to know this man, as a fellow Christian and friend.

Chris and Lisa Glynn, Cumming, GA


I have found Jason Massie to be a very honest and dedicated professional.   He can be trusted to deliver for his clients.   Jason's subject matter expertise around R&D tax credits is also something that is very unique.  He puts a lot of emphasis on customer service because he knows how important it is to exceed customer's expectations in today's economic environment.  Moreover, flexibility is Jason's middle name so his services/solutions are tailored for each of his clients.  Lastly, I would trust Jason with my company's data and information as he knows the importance of confidentiality for his clients (and their clients).

Brent B. Brown, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, Jacksonsville, FL


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